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They are recovering, but still visible. The most shocking thing is the corruption hogyan győztem le a visszéreket on the streets: beggars next to the huge Toyota and Lexus SUVs. You either drive a big 4-wheel drive, or share a moped with 3 other people.

I saw many families on motorbikes. Mum, day, 2 kids. On the same bike.

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At the same time. They are small folks. In Cambodia, the people try to sell you things a little more aggresively than in Thailand.

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I was grabbed by tuk-tuk drivers when I got off the bus back from Siem Reap to choose one of them to get to the hostel for 1 USD. Of course I walked 2 blocks and chose another driver. It has the tourist restaurants and bars, the little shops selling knick-knaks.

hogyan győztem le a visszéreket

But the people are nice, the night market is fun try to buy things from non-profit organizations and products made by disabled people. The main important thing: Angkor is amazing.

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Angkor Wat is nicev, but not that big deal, Angkor Thor is nice to. Just a wonderful hogyan győztem le a visszéreket to wander around and wait for the Chinese and Japaneses tourists to get out of your picture.

A room and food is about USD. Bus ticket are about USD. I tried on the jewellery and they at least partly silver because I had no problem with my metal allergy. Sometimes it is handy: Vietnam is a different thing.

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Open Tour buses hop on-hop off for about USD make travelling around quite easy and straight forward. Anyway, you cann travel from North to South or South hogyan győztem le a visszéreket North. The traffic is mroe than chaotic, but you get used to it in a day or two.

Still a miracle, but true. The middle, Hoi An and Hué was the best part for me I skipped the North with the minorities around Sapa in the hills, but the monsoon is not the best time for trekking.

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Hoi an is a gem, a touristy gem, but for a reason. The reasons are the nice architecture UNESCO World Heritagethe good and cheap food and the tailors who would make a suit for you in 24 hours.

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Or dress. Or silk shoes. The limit is Your creativity… or you budget. Mine was a 3 piece suit, a nice coat and a dress: more days and I would have ended up with a new wardrobe and empty pockets: Another tourist trap for a reason is Halong-Bay.

It is simply gorgeous.

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Yes, there are another boats there around you, but still wortk the trip. The 2 day 1 night on the boat costs from 40 to USD.

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I had a good time with people from all over the world, mostly native English speakers again. I heard again from different people different times that I look like Winona Ryder.

I try to take it as a compliment.

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I hope it is at least close to a compliment: I have a friend living in Shanghai, who actually speaks Chinese, so I practically ran from Hanoi to Shanghai as fast as I could and cheap at the same time meaning 13 hours on bus, 15 hour stop in Guilin and another 23 on train to spend some time there. It did worth the effort.

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